Chef Hervé cooking with team


About Chef Hervé

Classically trained in French kitchens and having worked at restaurants in France, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, or New York, Hervé’s confidence should not be mistaken for playful-arrogance. Hervé possesses a true understanding of what drives French cuisine, a cooking that respects ingredients filled with emotional connections: memories of a family cooking together, eating seasonal fresh food, and experiences from around the world. When using fresh ingredients, simple cooking and an appreciation for the seasonal availability is Hervé’s tour de force.

Through his career, Hervé had the chance to cook for the Thai Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrities around the world and was the personal chef to French President François Mitterrand. He is also an advisor to the Royal Project Foundation. Each year, Hervé personally trains talented young Thai chefs to compete in the world famous ‘Les Disciples d’Escoffier’ contest. His last recruit became the first Thai person and the first lady ever, to win this prestigious competition.

He is also an advisor to the Royal Project Foundation, initially His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s personal project, nowadays entrusted to his longstanding friend, His Serene Highness Prince Bhisatej Rajani, and involving more than three hundred thousand people in the region North of Chiang Mai. From the grounds of Doi Ang Khang, Hervé discovered hundreds of varieties of vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea and many other unknown or rare Western products, thanks to a temperate climate similar to the European one. He takes part in the Royal Project in his own way, having set up the ‘Weekends Gourmets’, where he endeavors to cook on-site products exclusively coming from the Project, preparing delightful dishes for the Thai gourmets. He takes advantage of these escapades to visit farms all around and where, every time, he finds a new seedling or a new breed, which he takes back home in Bangkok for new gastronomic creations.

Hervé is married with 2 children and has been living in Thailand for the last 14 years.

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