Events Organization at Le Beaulieu


Event Organization at Le Beaulieu

As a prestigious address, Le Beaulieu offers an ideal setting for a varied range of events hosting. With either the Restaurant or the Terrasse as a backdrop, event organizers will find the perfect combination of a renowned & accessible location, friendly service, and most importantly top quality options of food & beverages. They will also be able to have access to both Le Beaulieu Restaurant and Terrasse, which can be combined for more prominent events. 

Professional Team

A dedicated team will assist organizers from the planning stage to the final delivery of their custom-made event. Weddings, private parties, birthday celebrations, wine tasting, product launches, corporate or networking events can all be professionally organized and delivered at Le Beaulieu, for a maximum impact and level of satisfaction.

To enquire about our event organization services, please contact Mr. Quentin Fougeroux via email at or phone: +66 (0)2 168 8220.


Event Crowd at Le Beaulieu